January 4, 2012

New exciting columns on Gologorski Gallery blog in 2012!

So here we are in 2012! We want to give you something new and something really exciting, so we decided to start writing regular columns on our blog to give you more information, tittle-tattles, and facts from the gallery background.


If you are an art collector, you wish to become one, or you are just interested in art investments, here you will find what Marian Gołogórski recommends. Over thirty years of experience in gallery leading and over fourty years of own artistic career gives good basics to give solid recommendations. You can take these advices and invest in art!


Gologorski Gallery is one of oldest private galleries in Poland. Over thirty years of gallery's history is full of stories, anecdotes and tittle-tattles. Hundreds of artists and art lovers, gallery's friends and fans, so many memories! We'll be sharing these stories with you, so keep visiting!


Marian Gołogórski has been promoting Polish artists for many years now. Gologorski Gallery is cooperating with many astonishing, well-known artists and also many young, emerging artists! Let's meet them, it's always good to know more!


Gologorski Gallery blog is also meant to have an educative value. We want to familiarize you with artistic terminology and know-how techniques. It's cool to know more about that!

We hope that new columns on our blog will make you feel more comfortable on artistic fields, but if you would have some questions, feel free to ask!


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