November 17, 2011

ARTAVAGANZA is going on-line soon!

Gologorski Gallery is partners with ARTAVAGANZA | wear art!, a new fashion brand created by artists & young designers, specializing in designer accessories.

ARTAVAGANZA is going on-line soon! It will be possible to check out the offer and to have a look!

We encourage to visit ARTAVAGANZA's design blog here:

...and to become a fan on facebook:

which makes you even closer to design news, events, special offers and many other fascinating opportunities!

design by Kamil Kamysz

November 14, 2011

Just two days left... Artavaganza is going on-line! Join us on Facebook!

It's getting closer and closer... Artavaganza | wear art! is coming online.

Artavaganza is a new fashion brand with beautiful, awesome designer accessories.

Artavaganza is a partner of Gologorski Gallery and is highly recommended by us! We encourage you to visit Artavaganza's online blog and to join Artavaganza fan page on Facebook:

To become a fan of Artavaganza, all you need is to click "like it". And it makes you even closer to design news, events, special offers and many other opportunities!

Join us!

November 1, 2011

Curatorial activity of Marian Gologorski in 2011

Jacek Dalibor

Magda Migas

Marcin Telega

Aneta Ziomkowska

Marian Gologorski through all his curatorial career has been discovering young talents.
For that reason, he is a co-founder (with J.Grzegorzek&T.Guzik) of Bulwary Sztuki Foundation. The Foundation's main goal is to promote young artistic talents. Marian Gologorski is also an art director of the Foundation and curator of many exhibitions promoted by Bulwary Sztuki.

This year, Marian Gologorski has already organized numerous exhibitions of young artists. Exhibitions took place in Mostowa Artcafe and Gologorski Gallery in Krakow.
In Mostowa Artcafe, we could see exhibitions of Jacek Dalibor, Aneta Ziomkowska and Magda Migas, and in Gologorski Gallery we could see Marcin Telega's painting exhibition. The astonishing works by Jacek Dalibor, Aneta Ziomkowska and Marcin Telega are available in Gologorski Gallery on request.

Many artists discovered by Marian Gologorski are very well known and recognizable and that is what makes us really optimistic about Polish young art.

Catalogues for Bulwary Sztuki Foundation by Kamil Kamysz:

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