December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year !

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Lots of happiness and success for 2014!

Marian Gołogórski & Gologorski Gallery staff!

December 16, 2013

"Marian Gołogórski 40/30" retrospective album

For quite  a long time, Gologorski Gallery blog hasn’t been updated. During that time we were busy working on Marian Gologorski’s artistic album. We’ve collected lots of archival materials from all these years of artistic and curatorial activity of Marian Gołogórski and his gallery. It’s also a very interesting documentation of social and cultural life in Krakow during 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. The album Marian Gołogórski 40/30 has been finished, and it’s absolutely stunning! That publication links a beautiful, very personal essay by Marian Gołogórski, and many fantastic photos from his private archives. We’re going to show it to you step by step, but we will also be publishing even more materials than those selected for this publication. So join us, and let’s make a journey to the past together.

design: Kamil Kamysz | The very design

Projekt jest współfinansowany ze środków Gminy Miejskiej Kraków

May 23, 2013

30/40 18+ | "Garden cage for Angels" by Marian Gołogórski

Another watercolor work by Marian Gołogórski from the jubilee series 30/40 18+. More to come soon !

Garden cage for Angels by Marian Gołogórski | watercolors on paper | 30x40 cm | 2011

April 28, 2013

March 29, 2013

Happy Easter!

Dear Friends,

I would like to wish you Happy Easter, full of peace and joy.

All the best,
Marian Gołogórski

Golgota by Marian Gołogórski | watercolors on paper | 30x40 cm | 2012

Szanowni Państwo i drodzy Przyjaciele,

z okazji zbliżających się Świąt Wielkiej Nocy chciałem życzyć Wam samych
radosnych, rodzinnych chwil.

Marian Gołogórski

March 25, 2013

30/40 18+ | "Przestroga" by Marian Gołogórski

Another watercolor work by Marian Gołogórski from the jubilee series 30/40 18+. More to come soon !

Przestroga by Marian Gołogórski  | watercolors on paper | 30x40 cm | 2011

March 1, 2013

ARTCHAT | Goodbye Gieniu!

On December 30th 2012, Eugeniusz Mucha – the brilliant artist, a decent person, and a very good friend of mine has passed away.

Eugeniusz Mucha during his the last vernissage in Gologorski Gallery

February 2, 2013

New Year brings changes :) !

At the end of 2012 Marian Gołogórski has became a grandpa. On the occasion of his name-day celebration we're posting photos of Marian with his little grandson, wishing him all the best!

Marian Gołogórski with grandson.

Kochanemu Tacie i Dziadziowi, w dniu imienin wszystkiego co najlepsze i najpiękniejsze!

January 3, 2013

30/40 18+ | New jubilee column in 2013!

After little holiday break on Gologorski Gallery artblog, we are starting the new year with a new column on this site.
We would like to show you new series of works by Marian Gołogórski. New works by Marian Gołogórski are a part of a 30/40 18+ exhibition, which will be presented here in close future.

Sunbathe in the morning by Marian Gołogórski | watercolors on paper | 30cm x 40 cm | 2011

30/40 18+ is a jubilee exhibition. The first number is to celebrate 30 years of Gologorski Gallery's existence. The second number celebrates 40 years of Marian Gołogórski's artistic career. More informations about the jubilee you can find here.
In 2011, Marian Gołogórski turned to another artistic technique – watercolors.
Over 60 masterpieces were created during 2011 and 2012. All of them were drawn and painted in Gologorski Gallery in 30 x 40 cm format. They are mostly focused on human body in its natural beauty and expressive form. Still, for some they might look inappropriate, hence the name 18+.
Stay with us in 2013!
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