October 26, 2009

Marian Gologorski

Marian Gologorski was born in 1948 in Zakopane. He studied in the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, on the Sculpture Faculty, supervised by professor Jacek Puget and professor Marian Konieczny. He graduated in 1972. Throughout his whole artistic career Marian Gologorski has not only been an eccentric sculptor, but also a glass, fashion and jewellery designer. Artistic creations of any type and technique by Gologorski have characteristic expression and distinct form. His multidisciplinary creations have their own recognizable language. Marian Gologorski was also a co-founder of “Gologorski-Rostworowski” modern art gallery, he is also an owner of Gologorski Gallery. Gologorski exhibited his works on many solo and group exhibitions ( Poland, Italy, Germany, Austria, France, USA, Belgium)
Gologorski’s creations in museum collections:
-National Museum in Poznan (sculpture)
-Regional Museum in Jelenia Góra (artistic glass)
-Regional Museum in Ciechanów
-Warmia and Mazury’s Regional Museum in Olsztyn
-Regional Museum in Toruń
-National Museum in Wrocław
-Glass Museum in Sosnowiec
Gologorski’s creations in private art collections:
-Modern Art Collection of Michael Kurz in Lozanna (Switzerland)
-Modern Art Collection of Carlo Edoardo Valli (Italy)
-modern art glass collections: (Germany, Italy,France, Japan, Canada)

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