November 30, 2014

Christmas time with Gologorski Gallery!

Christmas time is coming! Can you feel the atmosphere of that special moment in the air?
The beauty of that part of the year is simply stunning and breathtaking.

What's more, our thoughts and hearts are with the ones we love - family and friends.
There is no better way to say how important they are to us than giving them something really meaningful and beautiful.

Click to see the beautiful fine art ideas that are waiting for you!

Gologorski Gallery has started a new La Petite Jolie Galerie brand with extraordinary, affordable and lovely art accessories! It's a really simple way to have something original, artistic and special. Let's have art in our homes and on the walls.

In La Petite Jolie Galerie offer, you will find beautiful artistic tiles and giclee prints at reasonable prices! Don't hesttate! Visit us and pick up something for you and for your friends.

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