June 26, 2016

"Po-między" | "In-between" exhibition. "Po-most" | "The bridge" project by Gologorski Foundation.

Yesterday, we opened the exhibition "Po-między" | "In-between", which is a part of the project "Po-most" | "The bridge". That is the first project organized by Gologorski Foundation in the cooperation with Gologorski Gallery. The main idea of the project is exploring the link between the past and the future and thus demonstrating it not only in the exhibited works but also by the way they're exhibited. That idea comes from the gap between conventional forms of visual art and interactive art.

For the first exhibition, we chose to exhibit archival works (sculpture and artistic glass) by Marian Gologorski along with the new works. To exhibit the archival works, we decided to show them using multimedia presentation on touch screen. We also prepared an artistic performance by Marian Gologorski, available on youtube in 360° technology. That's how everyone from all over the world can take a part in that performance over the internet,  just like in real life. The exhibition takes part on three platforms simultaneously: in real life, using multimedia medium and via the internet.

The whole exhibition will be available in 360° technology soon. It's also worth mentioning that we are the first art gallery in the world, using 360° video technology to make exhibitions online.

The project is co-funded by The Krakow Municipality.

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