December 30, 2011

2011 conclusion | Bulwary Sztuki Foundation | Mostowa Artcafe

New year's coming is always a good time to make a conclusion. This year I've put a lot of hard work into Bulwary Sztuki Foundation.

The main goal of that institution is to promote young & emerging artists. On the cameral interior of Mostowa Artcafe, the Foundation organised an exhibition space.

As a member and art director of the Bulwary Sztuki Foundation, I have designed the general concept of interior design with very charming result as you can see on the photos.

For almost one year, I have organised five exhibitions as an art director and I took care of four of those exhibitions as a curator. All of them were warmly received by the audience.

I hope that my activity on the field of young Polish art will bring lots of important values for Polish art market. I wish all young Polish artists all the best!

Marian Gołogórski

Marian Gołogórski (opening of the first exhibition on Mostowa Artcafe)

Marian Gołogórski with two other members of Bulwary Sztuki Foundation - J.Grzegorzek & T.Guzik (Opening Ceremony of Mostowa Artcafe)

Opening exhibition on Mostowa Artcafe, and our wonderful guests.

photos by J. Krzyszkowski

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