March 29, 2012

Hello, spring!

Hello and welcome to the new post! We're celebrating the coming of spring, so we've just started a new online store on our official website. Click the link to visit the store and browse through the astonishing sculptures by Marian Gologorski! In time, we'll be developing our offer and updating the website, so visit often!

But that's not all! Additionally, if you purchase an artwork from the Gallery's online store, we'll be shipping your order for free to every place in the world! No matter if you live in China or you have a flat with a beautiful view on Niagara waterfall. You can live near Mt. Everest or you can wake up to the aurora borealis, it's still free!

Below, you see a sample of what you can expect in the Online Gallery: our new feature that allows you to view the sculptures from different angles so that you could have the whole image of how they look. We believe it would allow you to better see every single detail of the artworks.

Marian Gologorski, Male Torso, bronze sculpture, Height: 28 cm | Width: 16 cm | Length: 8 cm

See you in the store!

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