June 30, 2012

ARTADVISOR | Zbysław Marek Maciejewski

Zbysław Marek Maciejewski studied painting in Wacław Taranczewski’s workshop in the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. A few years later, as a fully-educated painter, he started leading his own workshop in the same Academy.

Speaking of his artistic way, Maciejewski’s lifetime could be divided into two parts, considering the changes in his artistic expression.

Zbysław Maciejewski | Untitled | drawing on paper

The first period is characteristic for the author’s evident fascination with his own personality and sexuality, but also with his own ironic point of view about the world and people in general. Maciejewski was very witty and had a cruel sense of humor, sometimes up to the point of being sarcastic. He didn’t like unintelligent women, and he made fun of them and mocked at them in his works. That’s easily noticeable in his drawings. At the same time, he adored smart women – those who knew how to face his talent and intellect. That being said, the truth was that, most of all, Maciejewski loved men. They were his main fascination and inspiration and a dominant subject of his paintings and drawings.

Zbysław Maciejewski | Self-portrait | drawing on paper

Later, Maciejewski made portraits of his lovers. Acrylic paintings he made that time were simply marvelous. They were full of passion and, sometimes, even sexual perversion. But – at the same time – they were dangerous for the artist himself. The acrylic paints were harmful to health and could cause serious diseases (and, in the end, they probably cost him his life). That time, after radical and long-time medical treatment he finally got better, and he could get back to work. But he also had to abandon acrylic technique not to risk his life anymore. That’s how he started absolutely new chapter in his career.

Zbysław Maciejewski | Lounger | drawing on paper

The second period is considered as the time of Maciejewski’s oil paintings. He changed his artistic image and gave up the sophisticated perversion as a way of expression. He started to paint flowers and gardens. The works were all based on photorealistic methods. Those paintings were big and rich in colors and forms.

But the sad fact was that Maciejewski lost himself somewhere between the gardens and ponds from his paintings. He lost his artistic mystery, so unique and distinct in his paintings from 70’s.

Art connoisseurs mostly appreciate the first period of Maciejewski’s creation. Why?
Because every painting and every single drawing from that time was full of his authentic, obsessive thoughts, and came from the depth of his sensitive heart. That time, he didn’t pretend anything, coquet the audience nor strive for the client. He painted for himself  and his own satisfaction. That was also his inner dialogue with his own fears and obsessions.

Zbysław Maciejewski | Untitled | drawing on paper

I remember Maciejewski from the workshop of historic monuments’ preservation, where we worked together. He was often inspired by his childhood’s memories. Always during the work, holding a pencil in his hand, making stunning drawings. Thousands of them. They had obscure, disturbing and mysterious atmosphere.

If you’re interested in Maciejewski’s paintings and drawings from the best artistic period of his career, you can find them in my gallery and enjoy their beauty and sophistication. They’re absolutely desirable.

Marian Gołogórski

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