February 8, 2012

ARTCHAT | Life is a pink roller-coaster exhibition

It's time for a small retrospective! We'd like to show you a couple of pictures we took during Life is a pink roller-coaster international art exhibition that took place in the gallery between June 5th and June 30th, 2010.

The exhibition was a unique opportunity to see how many different artistic approaches there can be. The artists coming from different cultural backgrounds have presented marvellous pieces of art: from painting, photography and typography to sculpture and ceramics.

Click to see more astonishing photos from the vernissage.

Marian Gologorski opening the exhibition and presenting the artists

Sculptures by Eva Magnusson

Sculptures & ceramics by Eva Magnusson, typographic works by Eugenie Dodd

Paintings (left) by Sabina Holstein-Beck & Margita Freitag, paintings (right) by Margita Freitag

Sculpture by Eva Magnusson

Painting (far left) by Lola Fischer, series of photographs by Cynthia Pickard (right)

Series of photographs by Cynthia Pickard


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