July 16, 2012

ARTCHAT | Lamb Award by Marian Gologorski on Summer Jazz Festival

Traditionally, as every year, one of the most important cultural event in Krakow is Summer Jazz Festival. During this festival, the most outstanding jazz musicians are honored with a  very prestigious prize, the Lamb Award. Marian Gołogórski is an author of the bronze statue that was inspired by prof. Jerzy Skarżyński’s drawings of lambs. What’s more, from the very beginning of the festival, the lamb’s drawing has been used as a logo. Since 2001, every single year the prize has been given to the selected astonishing artists like:

Lamb Award statue by Marian Gołogórski

Jerzy “Dudus” Matuszkiewicz, Andrzej Kurylewicz and Wanda Warska, Wojciech Karolak, Zbigniew Namyslowski, Janusz Muniak, Przemyslaw Dyakowski, Tomasz Stańko, Andrzej Trzaskowski, Roman “Gucio” Dyląg”, Jan Ptaszyn Wróblewski, Jan Boba.

We hope to see you on the Summer Jazz Festival in Krakow!
To find out more about festival and Lamb Award, visit the festival website.


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